Race Schedule for 2011

Weymouth Woods 100k Trail Run, Southern Pines, NC (1.15.11)

I really wanted to race at least a 50 miler to do over winter break, but not finding that exact distance, I decided on this 100k (62 miles) in south-central North Carolina. The race consists of 14 4.47 mile laps on trails in a nature preserve. In other words, it’ll add the “avoid boredom” challenge to the other already-present challenges of ultrarunning. Seems like a cool, laid-back race; there were 46 finishers last year. Dream goal would be sub-10 hours, approx. 9:35/mile. (Actual: 10:35:25; Race report)

Half at the Hamptons, Hampton, NH (2.20.11)

Ran this last year in 1:17:56. Love the course, love the distance. Goal would be to PR. (Actual:1:16:44).

Boston Marathon, Boston, MA (4.18.11)

While Boston doesn’t have this mythical quality to me that it has for some people, I still figure I might as well run it while I’m only an hour north of the city. In the wake of last year’s extremely poorly executed marathon strategy that resulted in a 3:06:20, I think I could go sub-2:50. (Actual: 2:56:05, which I was quite pleased with.)

Yorktown Freedom Run, Yorktown, VA (5.30.11)

In what I have dubbed the first serious attempt at breaking my 5k PR in years (my PR of 16:35 was set in October 2006), I will be running the Yorktown Freedom Run on Memorial Day. It’ll be my first 5k since October 2009, and I haven’t really been focused on the shorter distances lately, so I don’t know how close I’ll get, but I do know that I feel fitter than I’ve ever been. Plus, cash prizes to the top three is a definite incentive… (Actual: 17:17)

To be continued…

Once I figure out my work schedule for the summer, I might try and jump in a couple races in the Fort Knox area in June/July if it’s doable. I still have a couple PRs I’d like to take down before I turn 21: notably, the 5k, 10k, mile and two mile. We’ll see.


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