Watch one of New England’s best runners not know who I was at Saturday’s half marathon

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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(Scroll down for video)

As I perused other people’s reports on yesterday’s Half at the Hamptons, I came across a video on Jim Johnson’s blog. Johnson is an all-around wicked good runner out of Salem (14:54 5k, 2:27 marathoner). It looks like he concentrates on snowshoe racing during the winter, but he came out to yesterday’s half marathon to watch some teammates throw down.

He filmed snippets from mile 3, mile 6, and the finish, mostly the front-runners. Amazingly, that included me – I’m the guy in black shorts/shirt with the white UNH hat (not my greatest look ever, but it got the job done). You also get to see Johnson not know who the hell I am (which is entirely cool, considering I had no idea who the guy on the side of the road telling me “good job” was).

Here’s the video, with the Cliff Notes version of my appearances below.

3:59: (On me, guy in red, guy in orange) “We got a pack here, a pack of three guys. I’m sorry I don’t know off-hand who any of these guys are.”

7:18: (On me and guy in orange) “I don’t know who those guys are, unfortunately. They’re running pretty good though.”


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