The Grander Tour?

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week I found out that I’ll be spending the months of June and July interning at Fort Knox, Kentucky. It’s a pretty cool opportunity that I’m looking forward to, but I’m also excited about another thing:


Last summer, I had five days between the end of my employment on Long Island and when I needed to be at UNH.

I rode my bike. And I called it “The Grand Tour.”

This August, we have “The Grander Tour.”

Here’s the thing: the car I’ll have for the summer will need to end up in St. Louis, where my dad is residing at the moment, and I’ll need to be at home in Newport News, VA to prep for traveling to New Zealand. So what makes more sense then driving the car from Fort Knox to St. Louis and then riding my bike home?

To paraphrase my dad: “Well, I never would have thought of it, but I can see why you would.”

I know I need some endurance challenge, some feat to define my summer and provide many a day’s worth of motivation. I thought about trying to run my first 100 miler, because I think it would be cool to do one become I turn 21, but I’m really liking this idea right now, given the amount of time I have. Things are only in the very basic planning stages, but everything has to be at that stage at some point.

The route above isn’t exact; it’s just for illustration purposes. Realistically, I think it would make sense to ride south from St. Louis until I hooked up with the TransAmerica Trail, one of Adventure Cycling’s Route. I could take that through Kentucky and Virginia (it happens to end in Yorktown, VA, about 20 miles from my house). The entire trip would probably be in the neighborhood of 1,100 miles – nothing to shake a stick at.

I enjoy the challenge that is fitting in various crazy feats while still being a functional member of society. I like to see that balance between work and play. When I rode from Sag Harbor, NY to Durham, NH last August – a roundabout route of about 375 miles in 4.5 days – it was seriously one of the best stretches of my life. I want to do that again.

I think riding from the Mississippi to the Atlantic would be a pretty solid reprisal.

For more info on last August’s tour, here’s the links. You can read about how much McDonald’s I ate, the sketchy New Hampshire town where I camped next to a cemetery and how I ate ice cream with a 2:33 marathoner, among other things:

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