Guinness in a year: My first time joggling

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now that the academic year is over and I’m back at home for a bit, training has officially commenced for my plan to take down the Guinness World Record for joggling (running while juggling) 50 miles.

If you read between the lines in the last post, you might have figured out that I’d never actually joggled before. So today was the first time.

I picked a park a few miles away from home to make the inaugural attempt. Newport News’ Riverview Farm Park, as it’s known, has a paved multi-use path that runs around the perimeter of it, and I figured it would be good for joggling. It’s about 1.5 miles ffor each circuit, and the path is wide enough to get by people easily.

I wasn’t really sure how things were going to go, but the worst part was probably the 50 foot walk from the car to the path when I reflected how abnormal this was going to look.

But things went well from the start. Running comes natural, and juggling, despite the fact that I haven’t done it for years, comes pretty natural as well. I joggled fairly fluidly from the start.

I ended up doing about 4.5 loops, for a total of seven miles. Total time was 53:16, which comes out to 7:37 per mile.

However, most people probably just went to know how many times I dropped, and there were quite a few times- probably at least 30. But that was honestly less than I was expecting. Plus, the 7:37/mile pace includes all the time picking up dropped balls, since I never stopped the Garmin.

For the few dozen people at the park at 11 am this morning, especially those walking the path, well, they got a free show. There were a couple people that I passed four or five times. Most didn’t say anything, though there was one four-year-old that thought I was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

A couple training-related notes:

  • Arms definitely got more tired than they typically would on a run. Not surprising. But eight hours of juggling is nothing to underestimate.
  • I was looking slightly more up than I normally would, so I could see my neck becoming more of an issue as we push toward the 50 mile distance. I alternated between looking at the balls, and looking past them, if that makes sense. I think the latter is where I’ll need to be later on, but I was able to do it fairly decently today.
  • Little things like wiping the sweat from your brow become kind of difficult. Which is an actual issue when you’re running in 75 degree temperatures in complete sun after spending the last eight months running in New Hampshire…

In conclusion, seven miles joggled at 7:37/mile. Not bad for a first attempt. Now to fill out some paperwork for Guinness…


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