Planning a road trip, emphasis on the non-driving parts

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have to be in Fort Knox, Kentucky late afternoon on Monday, June 6. Rather than just drive straight through, I think I’m going to leave on Friday and spend a few days exploring western Virginia before getting there. Current thinking:

Day 1 (Friday): Hike Mt. Pleasant

A bit of an random pick (I’d never heard of 4054′ Mt. Pleasant until I saw it on the map), but I needed something shorter to do on the first day (since I have to start with a couple hours of driving), and I wanted to be in the vicinity of Buena Vista, VA (see day two). Anyway, Mt. Pleasant is supposed to have some pretty sweet views.

Day 2 (Saturday): Cycle the highest and lowest points of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Yes, hitting the highest and lowest points on one ride is an absolute gimmick, but I wanted to include a day of cycling somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and a gimmick helps make the choice easier. I kind of wanted to revisit Buena Vista (I passed through years ago), so I picked there as a starting point. Ride was inspired by this post; judging from their map, it looks like we’re looking at 65 or so miles if I do it as an out-and-back.

Day 3 (Sunday): Climb the highest point in Virginia

That would be 5729′ Mt. Rogers. Sounds a bit more impressive when you consider it’s the highest of the state highpoints east of South Dakota that lacks a road to its summit. Preliminary research suggests an eight mile hike, which means I could bag the state’s highpoint, drive a bit further west, crash in a motel, and then…

Day 4 (Monday): Report to Fort Knox

  1. runningmanz says:

    Hey man, I came across your blog on the ultra list. Just wanted to say Mount Rogers is a fun run. I did it at the end of a weeklong running road trip through NC and VA. The paper they had at the visitor’s center (which is nowhere near where the actual trail up the mountain goes) has it being a 9 mile round trip from the parking lot in Grayson Highlands SP. Not sure if that’s where you were planning on heading up from. I got a LOT of strange looks from all the people there just to hike the AT and whatnot. Looks like the weather will be a little nicer for you than it was for me!

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