Guinness in a year: Joggling a 5:32 mile on an Army base

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, doing long runs while juggling is more critical to my commitment to set a Guinness World Record in a year, but I wanted to switch things up and see how fast I could run one mile while juggling. And today was the day for that.

A little background: Having left Newport News, VA, I’m now on base at in Fort Knox, KY for a couple months. In my week-and-a-half here, I’ve been running, but not joggling, largely because living on an Army base amplifies just how…um…odd the sport of joggling is (insert DADT joke here).

But Fort Knox happens to be one of three Army bases in the nation with a high school on-base, and high schools tend to have tracks. The one at Fort Knox High School (home of the Eagles) is nice, and seems to be empty and accessible every time I go out.

So today I jogged over there to set a PR. It’s about a mile away- a good warm-up. I shed my neon yellow reflective belt (required when running around on-base) and was off.

Having run three miles at 6:35 pace while juggling, my goal was to go sub-6:00 for the solo mile. How far below I could go I wasn’t really sure.

The worst thing was not being able to check my splits (ie- the time for each of the four laps). Since your arms are occupied, you can’t easily sneak a peek at your watch. So I just ran along blind, lap after lap. I did know that things hurt quite a bit, which I took as a good sign.

There were two drops, at about the 200 and 1400 marks, but I recovered quickly. As I crossed the line, I let the balls fall in favor of stopping my watch.


Faster than I was expecting, honestly. I certainly wasn’t going to complain about that. Mentally I was preparing myself for something in the upper 5:40’s or 5:50’s. I did a few labored cool-down laps around the trip and jogged back to the hotel. Short workout for the day.

My 5:32 would have been fast enough to take the win at two of the last three World Joggling Championships (and five seconds off the win in the other instance). But I don’t expect to be touching Will Howard’s Guinness World Record of 4:42.

So how was joggling on an Army base? While I was running, there were two policemen chilling next to the building across the street.

They stared. The entire time.



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