About Me

During high school cross country, I loved trails and hated the roads. I loathed intervals, but I loved long runs. I thought that the two mile was the best race during track, but didn’t think that that was saying much.

In my junior year, I read Dean Karnazes’ classic “Ultramarathon Man” and instantly knew that I found my place. It was decided. I would run ultras.

From Virginia, I headed to New Hampshire for school because I wanted to go to the mountains as much as possible. Two-and-a-half years later, I’ve hiked the 48 peaks in the state above 4000 feet and spent one summer working and living along the Appalachian Trail, a stone’s throw from federally-designated wilderness, and one summer working on the beach in the Hamptons, a stone’s throw from some of the priciest homes in America. Following the latter, I rode my bike across New England to get to school for the start of the semester.

In the process, I’ve seen some pretty beautiful places and met some pretty awesome people.

Now it’s time to chase that dream. In 2010, I ran my first marathon (Shamrock, in Virginia Beach) and ultramarathon (Vermont 50). I hope there will be many more.

This blog is devoted to my physical pursuits, primarily ultrarunning with lots of hiking, cycling, and shorter races thrown in. (I say that because I have another blog here).


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