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1) Running through the streets of Boston

2) Best leg muscles of any of these photos

3) Running by the iconic Citgo Sign- 25 mile mark

4) The turn-on-to-Bolyston-street-and-take-a-moment-to-look-around-and-take-it-all-in-because-this-race-is-awesome photo

5) Post-race with the first members of the entourage on scene; luckily, they missed the whole part where I couldn’t stand and sat on a Boston sidewalk mindlessly eating potato chips and wincing with every move


Ran the Boston Marathon today in 2:56:05. Race report is coming, but since I’ve done the Garmin post before, we might as well continue the trend. Here’s what your Garmin data looks like after you run the famed Boston Marathon (click for a much improved view):

Elevation Data: Basically, wonderful downhills from the start to mile 13. The hills from 13 to 21 aren’t really all that bad, and the downhill finish is everything you’ve ever wanted.

Pace Data: This tells you pretty much nothing, except you can find my one bathroom pit stop.

Speed Data: This also tells you pretty much nothing, but it does so in a much more jagged, exciting way.